The Fitness Centre at 250 Clark

The fitness centre will RE-open Wednesday August 4th at 5:00am.
Key details:
- please enter/exit through west doors unless you need to visit reception
- you are responsible for inquiring about the status of your fob in advance of showing up. You will receive a written reply confirming your active status, new expiry or other relevant details. Please include your full name as it appeared on your membership application. If you have 5 fobs kicking around your house it is wise to confirm which one is attached to your profile. If you email outside of business hours, it will be addressed the next business day morning. Business hours 8:30am- 4:30pm Mon-Fri 705-724-2813 ext 221 or
- 24 hour/7 day access will be restored, saunas and showers will be available
- No appointment necessary
- Masks are required in common areas when not actively working out.
- Screening either electronically (you can find the link HERE ) or in person is required. There will be a form/bin at west doors. Presume as a useful human we expect you to stay home if you have symptoms of anything, not just covid. Nobody wants your Gastro bug either.
- Personal space continues to be expected- it’s what we called social distancing before 2020.
- Be courtesy about cleaning your equipment. We do not expect you to make it rain cleaning solution. We do expect you to use logic. Sweat all over treadmill? Wipe it down. Sat for two seconds to send a text? You’re good. Left a butt imprint in sweat? … all the spray.
- Reminder: your fob access to the facility acts as our method of contact tracing. The information (name and contact number only) will never be shared with anyone except the health unit in the event of an outbreak.
If you haven’t returned equipment now is the time!
Welcome back folks!

 Unsure of the status of your fob (expired/active/credit)? contact or 705-724-2813 ext 221  If you book without first verifying the status you risk being locked out. 

Renew your Membership Online

The online payment option below is available to all regular members.  The renewal rate is  $200 +hst for an adult, or $75 plus hst for a youth.

To renew your membership, you need to submit payment either by the online option below, or in person.   

Payments made in off hours (after 4:30pm weekdays and on weekends) will be processed within 1 business day.

Please note the name of member and fob number in the fields below when processing your payment. The transaction will be completed through Paypal, and the transaction receipt delivered to the Municipality of Powassan.

Should you have any changes to your registration information (new email, change of address, phone number etc) please submit an email with the details to The contents of this email are confidential, however if it is your preference, you may use the form below and submit in person at the municipal office, at your convenience.

Please note: As of June 13th we now operate out of 250 Clark Street.  You will find our reception office in the main loby.

There is a special promo rate of $150.00 listed in the optons below.  This rate is associated with members who signed up during the original promotion in may/june 2018.  This rate does not apply to other members.  Please do NOT pick this option unless you have been contacted by email and qualify for this rate.  

Renew Membership for 1 year
Registered Member Name


24 hour access



Regular Adult Membership (Ages 18+)                         $200 annually

Regular Youth (Ages 15 – 17)                                       $75 annually

Monthly                                                                          $20 / month

Replacement Access Fob (First Occurrence)                $15

Replacement Access Fob (All Subsequent)                   $50


Minimum Age to use Fitness Centre 15 years

Youth Users must be accompanied by a paid Adult user at all times

Membership fees may be paid monthly by automatic withdrawal administered by the Municipality of Powassan. Regulations apply. Total Fee will be divisible by 12 payments.

All fees listed will have necessary sales taxes added

Access to the facility is dependent upon completion of necessary training, and administration of paperwork

No additional administration Fees

 Membership Application

 Fitness Centre Guidelines - to be signed

Preauthorized payment plan form - monthly withdrawal